Our passion is to see prisoners' lives transformed, their relationships restored and their communities rebuilt as they understand the good news of Jesus Christ.


We partner with chaplains and churches, to inspire prisoners with the Good News of Jesus Christ through personal and practical resourcing - equipping them biblically to enjoy the Christian hope for themselves.

Partnering with chaplains and churches

  • We want to support and be accountable to chaplains on the inside, and churches on the outside.
  • CPR has a great track record of working with and supporting the chaplains of the prisons & detention centres.

Inspiring detainees with the good news of Jesus Christ

  • Our greatest resource is not of our own making, it is the gospel of Jesus Christ who came to live the life that we have failed to live, to die the death we deserve to die, and who rose again to give new life to all who trust in Him.
  • We believe that "Jesus Christ gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good" [Titus 2:14].
  • We have seen in practise many prisoners and detainees transformed in this way because they have been overwhelmed by the love of the One who gave himself for them.

Mentoring detainees personally in studying and living the Bible for themselves

  • We don't just 'dump' a message and 'run', but, through the trust we have built with the prisons and detention centres over the years, our key workers are invited in to get alongside detainees and mentor them over an extended period of time.
  • We offer in-cell correspondence courses for personal study, and other study materials. Many of those we work amongst learn how to read, write and relate to others in a way that equips them for life on the outside.
  • We have seen numerous examples of men and women we work with becoming examples to other prisoners and set up study groups in their cells.

Equipping detainees and churches practically for a new start back on the outside

  • We are committed to ensuring that the transformative work done among detainees on the inside, is of genuine benefit to them and their communities back on the outside.
  • We work to ensure that detainees who want our help and churches receive those detainees are equipped with all the resources, encouragement and counselling they need to foster a smooth transition back to 'normal life'.

Distinctive Values

Expository Bible Teaching

  • We believe in letting the Bible speak for itself, because God's word is clear and we want to let people see it for themselves rather than use it as a tool for our own agenda.
  • We also find that this principle helps detainees to learn comprehension skills for themselves rather than remain dependent on or vulnerable to various 'gurus'.

In-cell Correspondence Courses

  • Detainees can study in their own time and have their papers marked by external examiners.
  • This is a valuable way of perpetuating the work of discipleship and mentoring outside visiting hours.

Training the trainers

  • We give real attention to training CPR associates, to enable them to mentor and train detainees.
  • Each associate is trained to equip detainees to read and think for themselves.

Church Partnerships

  • We believe in the importance of local churches.
  • We have a growing number of 'CPR Partner Churches' across the country who: Pray with and for us through regular updates; Give financially and encourage members of their congregation to give of their time; Receive (where appropriate) into their fellowship men and women who, having been discipled in the prisons and are ready to be restored to a new community and church family.
  • We invite genuine accountability from local churches, by way of constructive criticism to help us improve any and every aspect of CPR's work.

Giving Back

  • Jesus said it is more blessed to give than to receive, and we are therefore committed to seeing individuals, churches and chaplains benefit from working with us.
  • Partner church volunteers tend grow in confidence in their own churches, as they receive training in bible-handling, teaching and mentoring.
  • Partner churches are free to use any of CPR's bible-teaching resources that could be of use in their own ministry.
  • Church ministers who give some of their time to working with CPR often find that the opportunities they get to serve in the prisons spurs them on an equips them to serve their own congregations better.


  • We foster deep relationships with churches so that a prisoner is resettled into a real and genuine family community.

Contact CPR

Feel free to email us to ask for more information about praying for us, how to support us financially and to be kept up to date with our work.

You can send email to
or send post to Christian Prison Resourcing, PO Box 61685, London SE9 9BL

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